Jumat, 20 Februari 2009

Bad, Bad Hammer, Bad..

I thought this post should be about DIY audio..until a couple days ago I found a smallish (broken) hammer. This hammer was new, bought by a friend because we do not have a small one.

Well this post is going to a BAD Design Case again, or to be exact..bad material selection, bad manufacturing process..bad quality control (doesn't seem it has any)..God know what else..

Ok, here is it..

I'm kind of speechless when I saw this pretty hammer. The material used is bright cast iron instead of a forged one which is a standard in the (good) hammer industry. Also the head is broken right at the most critical area and happen to be less material there. Have you seen a (good designed) hammer bulged around the hole of handle attachment?..Exactly! Here, some more pics.

The label says "Target" Contractor Grade ..Graphite..whoaa!!, what contractor? house of cards for sure ha ha.., another look how the attachment hole looks like, far from smooth, just waiting for a small crack to emerge (this material is kind of brittle) and then...thwak..broken

The only good design here is the color selection, it's pretty & catchy, makes my friend bought it, ..also the wooden handle is stronger than steel ha ha...too bad I didn't saw his expression when it happen. I'm still speechless..do you?

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