Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Sony CDP950 hardware mod-wooden transport

After modding this Sony CDP950 heavily, these are the results.
Electronic wise, well never ending tweak that is :). Found during a recent blind test with a poor result ha ha..It turns out that the R value for current to voltage is very important, and you need really second-third even fifth opinion to judge the sound when you're constantly modding and didn't know anymore of 'correct' sound. So it was my take for another lesson.

Hardware wise I consider it finished..yihaaa!. Acrylic plates does wonder and also a quite difficult task in taking care of the old transport. It's all wood now :)..not the famous Phillips VAM or something like that , I dubbed it Sony WAM :), short for Wood Augmented Mechanism..just kidding :). here is the tranny cover

The 'new' Sony CDP950 'Lampized'..thanks again for your mail Mr. Fikus..
A broken beam of my workshop roof, or a part of it :) & a design drawing
Made some noises..
Fitting & mating plastic, wood & the CD player..

Adding a nice old teak top layer
underside of the 'WAM'..
Nice gold plated springs..(guess where the h**** I've got it..)
Fits well..
fastened & adding brackets..
Well..more pictures this time. As February was a really busy times. Also recently this CDP yet again showing another sickness. The CD just turns very fast counter clock wise. After cannibalizing my 'spare' Pioneer LD player for few chips, particularly the spindle motor driver chip. this old guy just runs well again. Now back to that never ending tweak again...thanks.

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