Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Don' buy just a faucet - buy a heavy one!

Did you ever change any of your water faucets at home? How often and how many already?. Well I'm kind of lost my count here, and add another count last long weekend..sigh...

There..the bad faucet number XX..totally new, bought in a well known hypermarket (c4), a well known brand (k**m****r), hyperlight, hypershiny and last but not least, hyperItaly as shown. This thing cost about 1.5USD, comes complete with thick lovely blue hanging plastic tag and a teflon tape, nice bonus..o is it?.

The usual routine: closed the central water tap, removing the old bad faucet number XX-1, happily wrap the teflon tape (my favorite thing to do)  laa..di dam..di dam..put and turn the number XX to the wall socket, there goes the wrench..laa di the...? Is this faucet that bad? It's just can not took even the light twist of my light wrench..whaaa...!!.

Did I need to comment on the design - material - fabrication? No..not a bit. Even the fluorescent colored plastic faucet is doing better than this hyperItaly. This is an outright robbery...where is the Ombudsman here? Hellooo?..knock knock!.

Do me a favor. Just buy a heavy real brass nickel chrome plated faucet. It will cost you 10 times more but will safe you 10 years of not using those red plumbing wrench...while I left here with very expensive teflon tape...thanks for reading..

4 komentar:

  1. Hi Opa,
    Agree, the quality of latest faucets were just 'so and so' using 'so and so' materials and as long as the manufacturers can apply a shiny silver finish to the end product.. voila... sold!

    Like it or not, I reckon those sellers/manufacturers might still rely on the good old saying of "Caveat Emptor" or simply said: Let the Buyer Beware...

    Sad but true,

  2. wah pak Dino, maaf baru baca komen sampeyan.
    truth is kita kudu waspada dgn produk2 yang kita beli. ini ndak ada ilmu nya,cuma dari pengalaman. juga insyaallah 'produk' yang saya buat semakin hari semakin baik. not easy nor cheap tetapi harus :)

    opa T

  3. ini saya ketemu sendiri, maksud hati supaya anak anak gak mainan aer, eh 2 kali beli, di pasang, selalu pecah. padahal belinya di 'depo bangunan'.


  4. hua ha ha...welcome to the broken faucet club Gus