Senin, 30 April 2012

Another design problem

This is a long due write up on design thing, postponed several times because of my diy audio adventure :), nonetheless still a fun part to write about design thing in and around our home.

My wife bought a nice plastic utensil, its a spoon, knives & fork container, the one that usually you use on your dinner table. Good product those containers with various approaches. Its spares you from visiting kitchen drawer every time you want to eat something. So here are the pics, more than words.

 Nice and tidy...

 open it, and the whole thing spreads apart..

 then try to close the cover...really a  hassle..!, hate it, what a waste

Another problem is this cooking gas/ propane regulator. Indonesian Industry Certified, cheap, must be safe. The packaging and the instruction sheet is inside, quite consumer friendly with consumer contact number and all, as required by law. But what happened was that when I put it to the gas bottle nozzle, I can not lock it and heard a 'snap'..what the...

Open the ***** thing, found a broken hook, made of diecast metal. It is this hook that should lock into the nozzle.

Upon closer look, as usual, poor design as mentioned many times in my write up...stress concentration, due to sharp corner. As simple as that, just add a rounding , or fillet there, none of this will never happened..sigh..

 Thanks for reading..

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