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my hero--ine, fine female artists

Discovering 'new' artists is always exciting. But during my search turns out that one's favorite is not always mine. So similar thing holds here, my favorite might not be yours :). That's said, here are some of not so old female masters and very young and talented ones, may be not as popular as I would like for them.

Karrin Allyson
She comes to my rescue with her albums when I could not find anything new. Mind you, were talking about mid of 90's and 00's. There were no Norah Jones and friends, certainly none of the names written further below ;).

Sadly, not much I heard of her lately. My favorite album is 'Ballads', this is an ode to Coltrane. In many tracks she sang as if she was a saxophone, the pitch, bends, vibrato's, the tempo, and the half beat 'lazyness' of Trane's was mimicked perfectly by her..great album

Here is one track, too young to be steady, this guy has the vinyl..damn..:) 

Like many of jazz artist of her age, she mastered the sexy & lover language : french and portuguese. Who's her patron? may be Edith Piaf.

Renee Olstead
Now, here is a teen singing mainstream jazz...what?..so uncool says Britney..:), who cares..so where is Britney now?..

Renee got David Foster behind her, that's explains. So fresh is her voice, southern US tongued, kind of childish pull here and there but exciting..Peter Gontha of Java Jazz has a good ear and eyes, otherwise I can only listening to Renee on CD. Thank you Peter & Java Jazz for bringing her near us in Jakarta https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQBGq42E8dw

Corrine Bailey Ray 
Ah..I think beside Amy Winehouse, not much British female jazz artist comes out. Amy marks a beginning of new rising time for best of  britain's  ladies singers. Corrine's voice, like Amy is very distinct, full of character. Unlike other jazz singer who sings standards, she wrote her own music. Great first album.

Here is her hit, you must have heard it somewhere :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8oS1SHjhPU
She was here in Jakarta as well..gee..Peter...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x2UMnJXH78

Madeleine Peyroux
From where I did hear Madeleine the first time? It was a tip of from young man, fellow Indonesian when we browsed used vinyl record somewhere. I got and old Ella Fitzgerald LP and ask the vendor to clean and tried the record. 

This young man looks for strange vinyl for his age, all issued before his birth year he he..
So a chat reveals he's quite knowledgeable on what he search, so I asked him, what new artists is there that could be of my interest, he answered short, Madeleine..Peyroux..hmm difficult name to remember.

I have my Ella, went home, weeks later got a iPod video my brother in law has bought, full of old jazz, new jazz, ethnic music, about 2000 tracks..hmm. He said he bought it from an expat about my age..ha ha, not his cup of tea for sure these music. 

Put the Ipod to shuffle and after some time I hear this very clear good recording of Billy Holyday, that couldn't be? Her record was mono, at max separated left and right channel for instruments, so I look at the title..damn..it's Madeleine Peyroux, search on the web...what? she is not even a afro american?  Anyway, I owe a big thank to that young man :)

This Dreamland album is her best I think.

Melody Gardot
Well her voice and her music is refreshing, simple, full of character and brilliantly recorded. Her latest album is available at local CD shop. Check out her older albums as well, they are all jewels

Here some of my favorite tracks :
Worrisome Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJUIoBIz2oc
Some Lesson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WrS9d3Mj2c

To who's reminds her voice? right...the great late Eva Cassidy, with milder and more finesse on Melody's side..so enjoy her music, Peter..she's next in Java Jazz?

Halie Loren
wow, she's hot, listen to her. Like Karrin & Melody, she mastered french & portuguese. But she's a good girl, unlike Lianne (below) and Corrine, Halie sticks with standards, well we need standards so now and then, especially with Halie's touch can not go wrong much here :, enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbuHk6sfrXY

Lianne la Havaz
Save the best for last in my writing? you bet. She's very young, very talented, full of confidence, write her own song, very distinct voice. I hope she'll be winning Grammy soon. One album so far,

Can we draw parallel here? We got imho mixing of Amy, Adele, Corrine in one magic witches brew in Lianne. Way to go british gal! Her simple rich voice really push me to my seat, that chocked throat and unique vibrato..you must listen to her, certainly worth it to have her vinyl..please call Peter..


Plenty to listen to isn't guys? so give that solder a rest, enjoy these fine voices.

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