Rabu, 14 Januari 2009

Pentium Motherboard Case

Okay..this one is about PC Motherboard. I have one just like this one on the left at home.

What is wrong with this one? Well, not much will go wrong in, say 2 years. Ok. let's see. The white fins is the heatsink of the CPU, on the right is the DRAM, the brown connector is an AGP graphic card slot.

Note the layout of the CPU heatsink, also the golden one..the direction of air blows through the fins is down towards the AGP slot and up to upper side of the casing, vertically blowing thus. This is important. The heat is better transferred this way (chimney most of the time it is vertical isn't it?).

On the other hand, my third PC, the CPU heatsink has a different layout, the fins are oriented horizontally..that is..the hot air blows directly to the DRAM.
For those who have already tried to touch the DRAM..it is hot already by itself, never mind the additional CPU 'warmth'.
And to make things worst..add some dust..(lot of it after 3-6 months in my case)..and they stick to the DRAM chips, making them more difficult to get rid of the heat, and yes..the DRAM and the slot are also turning brown in color.
Within 3 month I have to replace 1 DRAM, one slot completely shorted & shows burn marks..me? I know better now, which board to choose.

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