Sabtu, 03 Januari 2009

The What's, the Why's and the When's of this blog

Hi friends!

I like to introduce myself here, I'm an aerospace engineer living in Indonesia (a MSc. if you want to know).

The What's :
This blog is all about my passions : design engineering and DIY (do it yourself) - at the moment especially in Audio (yes..I'm an audiophile, a design-geek and of course an avid DIY'er )

The Why's :

First-in design & engineering.

During the course of my education, my first-second-and finally the third employment in local aerospace & automotive industry I have gained a kind of sense of critical design evaluation.

Until to date, as an independent design-engineering consultant, have designed-built & prototyped many products, machinery, custom equipment, big and small, very light to 700tonnes, in the air, on the land and sea, underground..I have always use that sense.

And you know what? I've started to evaluate things that I and my family member uses everyday..a broken toy, tools that keep falling when you put them on table..there must be something wrong. And the answer is yes. There are many products that are poorly designed and manufactured. But there are also things that makes me smile..the good designed products. So there you go "...Good and Bad Design..". You'll find here examples of both..soon.. :-)

Secondly, in DIY- do it yourself

I don't know why (this is not the Norah Jones song.. ) since I was a kid, I like to create things my self. Smashed tin car in pieces & look inside it, modified my first bike-with front telescopic and rear suspension at 12, my go-kart in grade 8, and on..and on..until today.

Why DIY?. It comes out handy & you will know better at the end. I have saved my money most of the time by fixing many non functional things we owned (yes, you'll see them soon). In current tight financial situation, DIY is the way to go.

Why pay someone for the job you can do yourself?, why buy a Denon amplifier costing USD400,- when you can build from kit for less than USD50,- that sounded like an USD2.000,- amp?..well you know now. But very careful, DIY can be is in time you spent & money that is. In audio for example, if you search for perfection..before you know, you'll spent USD150 for a pair of capacitor.., don't worry there are much cheaper ways...again..there go my DIY.

The When's :

Why just now I write this? Yesterday I tried to organize my DIY files & photo's..OMG!..there are more that 10 folders of individual "projects"'s about time to share them with you...hope you'll enjoy & learned (from my humbly mistakes)..

It's in my third years (soon fourth) that I gave lecture on Design at one of local university, also I have documented many products, good & bad designed, thought this might help many people including students. You know, it might even help you when you buy any products..look close, compare, try..imagine..whats will going wrong if you are using them... Me? I don't want spent my hard earned money for things that will regret me sooner than, now is the time. (My God..there are even a broken things they sell next to competitor product!.)

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