Minggu, 07 Juni 2009

power point, good design until it's broken

Before I plan to continue my tweak story on my old Sony CD Player, lets us see this power point problems.

Like other people, I like to plug in those power cables to one hub. But beware of the rating. No more than 1PC and 1 LCD monitor, plus bunch of wall wart adapters. I bought this one some 4 years ago, no problems until now. I have selected this one from bunch of others.

Things I've looked from what was visible underneath the packaging :
  • wire thickness or gauge, the thicker the better
  • available ground connection (3 prongs connection), safety reason
  • thickness of brass receptacle & ground contactor in the socket, for durability & contact firmness
  • plastic housing quality, choose heavy one that easy to clean & does not change color
Conclusion: this power point is a good one!, good designed & made, it lasted 4 years

Just a couple days ago, the red lamp switch just gave up. It made a sparkling noise. That was no good for my daughter's PC and LCD monitor. In fact, the LCD went in to protection mode. No picture at all. One of the mains pin is melted..so I have to cut the cable & hiks...throw away the plug..sorry mother earth..

When I tried to replace the switch, it turned out that the manufacturer used special screws, that need a special tool to unscrew them. Well...screw the maker!..they just want us to throw away the thing & buy new one..no thank you..not me!..safe the planet you know?..

Here is what I do to open the case & replace the fragile switch (no lamp this time). Lamp gave heat, heat is the enemy of plastic..they went broken because of long time heat exposure.

I just cut the screw head with mini grinder wheel, along with plastic casing , just deep enough to create a thin groove for unscrewing, but still retain the screw bosses on the casing. The rest is history. This power point will go for another 4 years and I feel good saving it for the trash!

How about the design?.. Its good up to the switch durability. On the end product life cycle? such as design for servicing & for environment protection? I'll give the maker zero out of 10 for making us throw away things and buy another.

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