Kamis, 16 Juli 2009

Sony CDP950 Tweak

After a friend recommends a bypass operation on my CDP and reading a site called Lampizator, I decided to do just that. The CDP output is bypassed from DAC-first Opamp, to coupling cap then to RCA output. But first, before executing this heavy surgery, I just change the cheapo JRC NE5532 opamp with audio grade Burr Brown OPA2134. Steps are quite easy, removing the opamps, resolder a good pair of IC socket, install the OPA2134..thats about it & enjoy..

How does now the CDP sounds?, quite surprising, it just sounds like a more expensive player such as Nakamichi CDP1 which I have heard for several days at home, vocals are warmer with touch of 'air'-singer's vibrato are now more pronounced, overall my CDP sounds less harsh & more enjoyable for long listening sessions..hmm, couldn't wait for next tweak.

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