Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

LM3886 Gainclone, My Fisrt DIY Amp

Exactly this month last year in 2008 was my first step into DIY Audio. Full of doubt I've started with the popular LM3886 chipamp a.k.a. Gainclone which gained enormous popularity among do it your selfer around the globe. Never good in electronics, don't understand a thing, but out of love for my daughter I've tried it anyway. So first I made 2 'bird nests' and I'm surprised with the sound. I have decided since then never to buy branded amp anymore, make them yourself. Its cheaper, educating, fun with many friends and most importantly much better price to quality ratio.

2 proper casings was designed & crafted in our workshop, for power supply and the amp itself. Here is the 2 PCB's and a solid aluminium heatsink.

A 'see-through' amp casing, to date contains different and better components.

The pairs behind and front.

Wonders happen when you love your family and friends..long live DIY audio.

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