Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Rice Cooker, Good ones?

Last year I have started this blog with a design case. Inline with 'tradition' here we go again. This time you may ask, what the h*** is that stone doing on top of my rice cooker?. Are we (God forbid) so poor that we eat stone?. No..please no..

The answer is here, no stone-the cooker cover won't close, I eat no rice, so does my wife & kids, o yeah..the cats as well :), what has happened?

I've seen too many cases of plastic products used in the wrong way. Plastic and heat do not go together see here . The same goes here. The blue hook is intended for locking the cooker cover to the lower part. After few months, yup, it just lost the grip and hence come the stone. I have once broken a plate full of rice because of my slippery hand :(.

Maybe, just maybe, the designer have calculated the hook well, but the maker just want to have cut the cost by using recycled plastic. Or its just another bad design..gosh..

My wife has learned, she bought a new cooker..no..not the same brand..ever!, see here the good solution? Yes..a steel hook, you can go very very far with steel in 110 centigrade..lets just hope it will not corrode too fast, as the hook is galvanized..bravo C*****S

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