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Shigaclone? no, this is Shaggyclone

There is a megathread at DiyAudio.com. After Gainclone which refers to 47Lab GainCard, this innovative company develops CD transport called Shigaraki , please read it here .

Same as GainCard with its LM3875 chip turns out that Shigaraki's heart is a cheapo CD transport, Sanyo to be exact found in JVC boomboxes, hence the follows the Shigaclone, a DIY version of Shigaraki.

To be honest, what we have here is far from that, maybe steps closer. It's a Philips Soundmachine CD-MP3 transport, yes, in original state it's sucks. I've got this Philips AZ1037 in junk state from an artist friend with the intention to use it's speakers for his second artwork with audio thing. I've helped him to achieve that.

Here is the junk, also the speakers turns out not worthy at all. This AZ1037 can not read CD as well.

Sorry to mother earth, all but the CD transport & speaker were thrashed away, sure they will be recycled somehow. Next, some lens and track cleaning does wonder..

Hey..let's see what kind of chip it use...it's a Toshiba all in one TC94A77FG, no, you can not find the datasheet,  I've search high and low  found only pin outs from other model, sure nice to try modding this one, a Toshiba should not be taken lightly ;).

So the usual caps replacements, you know..Oscons, Muses, Panasonic FC's and most important : cutting the track to AZ1037 3W chipamp and bypass directly to RCA after replacing the yucky coupling capacitor to 10uF Silmic2 bypassed with Wima FKP. Marantz use this Silmic2 even on their best SACD..so sue me :), what else? oh yes diodes 1N4004 replaced by Schottky ones, still using original transformer, blue-tacked the crystal..

Bypass operation, pin 22 (L) pin 24 (R) pin 14 (A-Gnd) , adding heatsink to servodrive chip (right above) and shielding the cute Toshiba chip.

Too bad, no data sheet and only this pin out, please let me know if you guys can find the digital out pins..(..me greedy...ha ha..)

How is the sound? far better than original, worthy enough for my 1 Bit CD player for listening and testing, a box for a top loading CDP is very nice ..isn't it?. Need a CD player? then my friend..you know what to do, thanks for reading.

in the pipeline :
SIT amp, here is a 1 channel peek

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