Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

RIP Dave Brubeck

We as an audiophile who loves Jazz music must have been enjoyed Brubeck's tunes. Most notably Paul Desmond's "Take Five" from the 60's. Superb recording that almost indispensable as a reference track. One of Dali reference CD has his tune, yup..the Take Five, good for younger generations ensuring continuation of many jazz legends.

From where I've first knew Brubeck tunes? from my hero Miles Davis many early albums leads finally to Brubeck :). Too bad I do not have many of his album, but thanks to you-tube you'll find it almost everything you want to hear and see from him.

Listen to Take Five, then you'll be amazed how so many late 50's and 60's sound recording beats everything made in 21'st  century...with compressed digital recordings..and loudness war.!..gone are the life and souls. Want the musician soul back? listen to the legends then on vinyl and good CD's, one of them : Dave Brubeck.

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