Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

SIT amp, my last one?

Funny how one's journey when it ends where one's started. I remembered first hearing a Sony Walkman, truly blowed my mind. Then follows my uncle's Sony Budokan headphone, another wow, not to mention betamax video recorder and TV's. I still have and used my heavily tweaked Sony CDP-950, now only the digital out though.

Slowly I moved to a so called 'better' brands and when the DIY virus catches who thought it will come across a Sony?. Yes, just like the logo below :
This jewel was made by Sony back in mid 70's to 80's. I'ts a Static Induction Transistor, a solid state device that has Triode vacuum tube  characteristic. I know when I heard it the first time here I've made a wise choice with the group buy last year, many thanks for my DIY friends.

Always a fan of single ended amplifier I could not wait for making the SIT amp, here are the build pics, enjoy..

This one is CCSed SIT amp. Many parts are salvaged ones, my favorite Philips metal film resistors, Dale 1 ohm power resistor, might be not optimal. Achilles heel is in the output coupling capacitor. Don't get me wrong. Even with a so-so electrolyte  bypassed by 10uF MKP the sound is just fabulous. Input coupling 10uF MKP was salvaged part.

Transformer is custom made, split supply 30VAC and 12VAC, here tried out with stock transformer, no good :)

Here trying out another output capacitor. I have good result with a friends JMB's 10mF elco.

After months of pleasure..finally settled with a truly multinational affair on output coupling. You name it :), Japanese Rubycon BlackGate F, Chinese Surong MKP, Portugal made Vishay Roederstein 1837, 'West' Germany Roederstein lytic, or German's Frako soldered by an Indonesian...

I wonder if Sony have something really valuable in next 10-20 years in this decade? We will never know, we are living in a very different time than the 2SK82 time. Is my DIY audio journey really ending with this SIT amp? I still have a pair of output transformer to replace the output capacitors, but this for another time ..a  long long time :), thanks for reading

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  1. halo om,

    ccs nya pake apa? apa pake IXYS? kalo iya, beli dimana ya :-p

  2. ud di japri yaa oom

  3. Opa, tidak coba rangkaiannya juma?

  4. Ixys beli dimana opa? Masih adakah sisa stok nya?